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KLIR Sky, Ltd. is a pollution reduction company. We are committed to using our Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”) model, powered by our KLIR Sky machine, as a solution to the world’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions problem at source, before it reaches the atmosphere.

Pollution Reduction as a Service

Powered by a revolutionary gas processing and liquefaction system

Our Service

The Process is Simple

KLIR Sky, Ltd. provides Pollution Reduction as a Service ("PRaaS") to industries that pollute the air through their smokestacks. Our PRaaS model is powered by a revolutionary Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS). The GPLS equipment eliminates greenhouse gases by:


Connecting the equipment to the smokestacks to capture the emissions

Scrub & Split

Scrub and split the emission gases into the various gases that make-up the greenhouse gases


Liquefy the split gases into its purest form


Sell the liquefied gases for use such as transportation fuels

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Revolutionary Patented Technology

The KSM uses revolutionary patented technology to collect, liquefy and process the harmful GHGs emitted by industrial smokestacks to be repurposed. KLIR Sky sells the repurposed liquefied gas. The result is possible net zero emissions for our customers that can now claim carbon credits by reducing their carbon footprint, earn revenue from gas sales, while contributing to a future of clean air. KLIR Sky is currently building the first PRaaS system to be deployed in the charcoal industry.

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Patented Cryogenic Vessel

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