The Technology

KLIR Sky Machine

Stackable, Scalable, Portable and Sustainable

Introducing the
KLIR Sky Machine

The KLIR Sky Machine (KSM) hosts a patented gas processing and liquefaction system (the Cryogenic Vessel or CV), which connects directly with the smokestack of the client and all emissions are routed through it. The KSM is available in various capacities depending on the level of gases emitted by the client. The first KSM we are deploying has a capacity to process 250 MCF of gas per day (1 MCF = 1,000 Cubic Feet).

The Future of Clean Emissions

Repurposable gases which are removed, separated, purified then liquified, include but are not limited to:

During the process, gases are captured, scrubbed, and split into various pure gases.

Unlike most other scrubber companies, all small and large particles are scrubbed resulting in virtually 100% removal of harmful gases released in the atmosphere.

Once the gases are captured from the smokestack, they are separated and condensed into a liquid between 0°F and -400°F to 1/600th of the original volume.

KLIR Sky Machine

The CV (patented)

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