Who we Are and
What we're doing

KLIR Sky is a
pollution reduction

We are committed to using our Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”) model powered by our KLIR Sky Machine("KSM"), as a solution to the world’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions problem.

Our revolutionary KSM collects, liquefies, and processes the harmful GHGs emitted by industrial smokestacks into usable forms. KLIR then sells the processed liquefied gas. The result is near net zero emissions for our clients who can now claim carbon credits and reduce their carbon footprint while contributing to a future of clean air.

Vision & Mission

What are we doing, and
Why are we doing it.

To slow climate change by eliminating and repurposing GHGs by providing to the world: Pollution Reduction as a Service.

To mitigate greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and slow climate change.

Our Values


KLIR is committed to promoting clean air within communities and reducing the pollution emitted by industries in and around communities.

Sensible Sustainability

By recycling the harmful emissions from industry, back to the industry and other users, we are reducing the carbon footprint it takes to manufacture goods we use every day.

Job Security

With our revolutionary technology and virtually 100% clean air as a result, the industries which emit the harmful GHGs, can now continue operating, limiting the harm to communities, and protecting jobs against the effects of environmental upheaval which are caused by these gases.

Profit with

Build and grow our business to be successful in terms of profit while simultaneously fulfilling our mission of mitigating climate change.