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KLIR Sky offers Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS) featuring its Gas Processing and Liquefication System (GPLS) or KSM (KLIR Sky Machine). Its first model ready for deployment is known as the KS-1 which will process up to 250 MCF of greenhouse gases per hour.

The KSM works by being retro fitted to the polluters exhaust. The KSM then collects, scrubs, splits, and liquefies the gases.

The liquefied gases are collected in on-site storage tanks where they are collected by trucks and distributed to partners.

The size varies depending on application. The KSM model fits in a standard shipping container and is fully mobile. The K-CV starts at 250MCF and fits into a 20ft container, and are stackable, allowing the client to increase capacity, as their emission outputs increases.

The KSM can be built to accommodate almost all greenhouse gas emissions including Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane, Helium and Co2

United States of America

Once our first machine has been deployed and retrofitted, our capacity can grow to approximately 16 units per year (from Year 2), with further ability to accommodate more.

Please contact for further information.

Approximately eight weeks from start to finish. As production ramps up, we expect shorter build times.

Under 100kW

Yes. The units are also stackable.

If proper maintenance is performed, the machine has a life span up to 25 years.

At this point, due to the machine's relative infancy, the company is still doing due diligence on the maintenance intervals and relative cost. However, the KSM can be maintained while in operation, ensuring no downtime.