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Investing in KLIR Sky, Ltd., can make a positive impact on the environment, while also benefiting the investor financially. Our company is committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Here's why KLIR Sky is an investment in your future.

Key Reasons to Invest

Strong Growth Potential

As the effects of climate change become more apparent, demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow. Our company is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend and is already being deployed within the charcoal industry. By investing in our company, you can help us expand our offerings and accelerate our growth trajectory.


Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in business, sustainability, engineering, and finance. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we are confident in our ability to drive long-term success for our investors.

Positive Impact

By investing in our company, you can feel good about making a positive impact on the environment. Our services are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable future. Not only may you benefit financially from your investment, but you will also be contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Financial Opportunity

Our company has a strong growth trajectory, with plans to expand our offerings and enter new markets. By investing in our company, you can benefit from the potential for significant returns as we continue to grow. We believe Investing in KLIR Sky, Ltd., is a smart choice for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment while also benefiting financially. Contact us today to learn more about our investment opportunities and how you can get involved. Together, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.



The Company

In 2021 Nicholas Upchurch and a group of likeminded entrepreneurs, with an affinity and a passion for the environment and the world we live in, founded KLIR Sky, Ltd. which is registered in Delaware, USA.

KLIR Sky, like many climate scientists, realized that there was little time to waste in saving the planet and creating a clean sustainable environment for future generations, with barriers to entry slowing down the uptake, which the world can ill afford. In the months following, knowing the strengths of the technology, the team developed the revolutionary business model, Pollution Reduction as a Service ("PRaaS") to break down all barriers to entry for polluting industries.

The world needs this now. KLIR is working at an accelerated pace to be commercially operational in 2024.

The management team invites you to join hands with us to create a clean and sustainable environment for all communities to prosper in.





CA: (888) 476-7230
USA: (855) 554-7759 (855KLIRSKY)

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021, our founder,-Nicholas Upchurch and a group of likeminded entrepreneurs, with an affinity for the environment and the world we live in, were introduced to this revolutionary innovative technology. After many visits, demonstrations, and meetings KLIR Sky, Ltd. was founded, and the development of its Pollution Reduction as a Service ("PRaaS") began. Soon after, KLIR took on an ownership interest in our strategic technology partner and their patented Gas Processing and Liquefaction technology became the center of KLIR’s offering.

Kentucky, USA.

Mr. Upchurch, Founder and CEO has decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Since 2017 Mr. Upchurch has been the owner / operator of a Kentucky based charcoal plant, where he has gained extensive knowledge of the greenhouse gas mitigation space. This experience has led him to see the need for a solution to reduce and eliminate noxious gases from these types of polluters. The Company has also been building out its executive suite including the addition of, Mr. Chris Greyling, President/CCO(Chief Commercializaton Officer), Mr. Patrick White, COO (Chief Operations Officer), Mr. Tyler Friesen, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Mr. Tony Juricic, VP of Business Development. Additionally, the company is adding several advisors to its team. Please refer to the Team page for further information.

The KLIR Sky Machine (KSM) is in its final stages of pre-commercialization development and manufacturing and is set to be in operation in 2024.

With other competitive technologies available, none meets the technological advances, ease of use and ZERO UPFRONT COST of the KSM. Also, there are 21,000 heavy polluters just in the USA according to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), the KSM could be used and made profitable for every polluter. Additionally, no other competitor allows the client to turn their pollution into profit via our PRaaS revenue share model. We have signed an agreement with our first client and several letters of engagement from other clients are being finalized from industries such as oil and gas, cement, cruise ships, coal fired energy, roof shingles, brake pads and more.

  1. Fabric Filters

    Fabric filter is the technical term for a baghouse or dust collector. A fabric filter is an air pollution control device that removes particulate matter from a processed gas stream before it is emitted into the atmosphere.

  2. Venturi Scrubbers

    Venturi scrubbers mix water into the emission gas in specially designed tubes. This technology uses a lot of water and creates wastewater that must be treated.

  3. Cyclones

    Cyclones are machines that mimic a natural cyclone's motion to force larger sized pollution particles to fall to a hopper in the bottom and clean emission gases to exit out the top. However, they are only suitable for larger sized particles.

  4. Settling Chamber

    Settling chambers remove large particles of pollutants from emissions. Often used in conjunction with other technologies because smaller sized pollutants stay in the emissions which exit the chamber.

  5. All these technologies are successful to an extent, each with their own limitations and exceptional costly to companies implementing them, increasing capital and operational expenses. Compare this to the KLIR PRaaS (Pollution Reduction as a Service) model where our client has no expense and generates revenue from its pollution waste. At the very least, this makes us a disruptor in the industry. Additionally, the KSM’S ability to liquefy multiple gases on site is unique to any other competitors available today.

$4,000,000 has been raised to date. Please contact investor relations for further information.

The cryogenic vessel is patented proprietary technology and forms the base of the KLIR Sky Machine (KSM), developed and engineered by our strategic technology partner company, in whom KLIR Sky, Ltd. has an ownership interest. We have exclusive rights to use the technology for smokestack emissions and we are happy to let you know that we have signed agreements to acquire our technology partner.

Please contact investor relations for further information.

The KLIR Sky business model, Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”), is based upon a shared partnership with clients (e.g., smokestacks).

  • We provide, run and maintain the KLIR Sky Machine (“KSM” or KLIR Machine”).
  • The KSM captures & cleans the emissions from the smokestack then liquefies the split gases into repurposed gases (“RGS”).
  • We sell the RGs.
  • We split the revenues with the client.
  • We manage the carbon credits for the client.

Our KLIR Machine can be used in any greenhouse gas (“GHG”) producing industry worldwide at potentially little or no sunk cost to the client.

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