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Stop paying fines and buying carbon credits. With KLIR Sky, Ltd., your company can become net zero by turning your pollution into profit and allow your business to earn a secondary and tertiary revenue stream. With our Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS) model, KLIR Sky handles everything for you, from installation, to operation to brokerage of collected gases and carbon credits.

Below are the numbers for the GHGs emitted by the United States in 2021 alone.

* Numbers are approximate based on the source.

A Sustainable Solution

KLIR Sky's Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS) model provides clients with a solution for achieving possible net zero emissions while also converting their pollution into a profit. Our revolutionary patented technology collects, purifies, separates, and converts the exhaust gas of high-polluting industries into pure liquefied gases, which are then sold to ready buyers at market value. Moreover, the PRaaS model empowers clients to sell their newly available carbon credits, with KLIR Sky's assistance. This is the future of clean air, for all of us.

Why PRaaS?

Become carbon neutral

PRaaS allows you, the Client, to become carbon neutral. This allows you to sell earned carbon credits. KLIR can help you sell these credits.

Additional revenue streams

This model allows your business to earn more. In addition to the sale of carbon credits, the key is the sale of the collected and repurposed gases, all handled by us.

Hands off approach

KLIR Sky's PRaaS model allows the client to be completely hands off, all you need to provide is the space and power. We handle it all, from the retrofit, to the operation, maintenance and monitoring, and of course the sale of the liquefied gases and assistance with carbon credits.

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